Dog euthanasia at home vs in-clinic 

Dr Jaxon Anderson
Head of Veterinary Services
August 10, 2021

When furry family members approach their final days, their owners not only need to decide when to put them to sleep, but also where. Dog euthanasia at home, as opposed to at the veterinary clinic, is a service we can provide at Goodbye Good Boy.

At Goodbye Good Boy, we believe every pet’s end of life should be a peaceful journey. Euthanasia is a humane procedure to prevent pets from suffering in their final days. It can be performed in-clinic or at the family home.

Dog euthanasia at home is an option that can provide your pet with a peaceful passing in their most comfortable environment. Our specialist end-of-life veterinarian will honour your wishes to put your little mate to sleep in the perfect place. That might be on your lap, under a tree, or at their favourite spot in the yard.

After arranging a dog euthanasia with Goodbye Good Boy, our dedicated end-of-life vet will visit the home to put your dog to sleep when you are ready. Each step of the dog euthanasia process will be performed with love and dignity, at your pace. You can read more about what’s involved in our article What happens at a home pet euthanasia appointment?

Benefits of dog euthanasia at home

When it comes to having your dog put to sleep, you have the choice between dog euthanasia at home or at the vet clinic. Pets often encounter other animals in the waiting room, which can be highly stressful for some dogs.

A visit to the vet is a fairly clinical by nature and many pets often dislike the experience. For those pets, dog euthanasia at home can be advantageous for pets that associate the vet’s clinic with discomfort. 

Alternatively, in-home euthanasia provides your canine companion with a peaceful passing in their most loving and familiar environment. Dog euthanasia at home means they can spend their last moments in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Another advantage of dog euthanasia at home is eliminating the stress of getting your pet into the car. This simple step can be difficult for animals that have developed mobility issues and have trouble walking, and those in pain or suffering.

Not only does dog euthanasia at home provide our pets with some relief, but it can also make the heartbreaking moment that little more comfortable for families, too. The bond owners have with their canine companions can be comparable to a close human connection, so having to say goodbye can be a traumatic experience. Being at home when a pet takes their last breath allows owners a safe and comfortable place to be emotional without having to face the public or drive home while upset.

Benefits of dog euthanasia in-clinic 

On the other hand, it may not be in the pet’s best interest to arrange the dog euthanasia at home. If you find yourself in an emergency situation where your dog needs urgent attention, we recommend taking them to an emergency veterinary clinic. Your pet will usually be seen quicker, rather than letting them suffer waiting for a home euthanasia appointment.

If your pet is already at the vet or animal hospital and critically ill, removing them and taking them home for euthanasia might add an unnecessary level of stress. This could be the case, for example if your dog is experiencing heart failure and needs oxygen. 

Another problem that could arise when it comes to dog euthanasia at home, is how your pet might react to the vet arriving at the house. Consider how your dog behaves when strangers come to the home – will the sound of the doorbell make them hide or become overly anxious? In that case, a trip to the vet could be a better option than dog euthanasia at home. 

If you have decided to take your dog to the vet to be put to sleep, bringing their bed or blanket along can provide some familiarity and comfort in their final moments.

Final thoughts

When it comes to weighing up between dog euthanasia at home vs in-clinic, make the choice that feels right by your pet. Consider their personality, condition and their current location. The best place for their most peaceful passing will be wherever you and your companion feel most comfortable.

Knowing your dog was comfortable until the end will give owners the reassurance that their pet crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully.

If you think at-home euthanasia is an option that might be right for you and your pet, have a chat with our friendly arrangers on 1800 573 186 or visit the Goodbye Good Boy website here. 

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