6 benefits of dog cremation

Dog cremation has many benefits in providing comfort to owners after the heartbreak of putting their pet to sleep. Families who have lost their canine companions often find that displaying the cremated ashes at home, or keeping them close by, can help to honour their pet’s memory.

This article outlines the six main benefits of dog cremation, to help owners make the difficult decision about their best mate’s final resting place. 

6 benefits of dog cremation

1. You aren’t confined to yard space or restrictions

One of the most common reasons owners opt for a dog cremation over a burial, is due to limited yard space.

It’s not uncommon for dog owners to live in apartments or townhouses with low-maintenance (or non-existent) yards. For practical reasons, a burial may not always be possible after a pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, particularly in larger breeds.

A dog cremation also makes sense for renters, where landlords may not be too accommodating of digging up their lawn to lay Fido to rest.

2. Dog cremation removes the emotional grief of handling the body

Regardless of available yard space, the thought of handling a pet’s body can be too distressing for owners. Arranging for a dog cremation can remove the emotional grief that comes with a burial. 

Rather than digging a hole in the backyard and physically laying your pet to rest, dog cremation can be a less emotionally taxing option.

With an end-of-life service at Goodbye Good Boy, owners don’t even need to bring their dog to the vet to be put to sleep. Our in-home vets can provide euthanasia in a pet’s most comfortable environment. Then our transport team can collect your pet and return the cremated ashes home to you.

3. If you move house, your pet can go with you

Another benefit of dog cremation is being able to take your pet’s ashes with you if you move house. 

The downside to burying your pet in the backyard is that your pet can’t come with you. So, if there’s a chance that your current home isn’t your forever home, a dog cremation may be the more practical solution. 

Roxy's humans can take her with them, should they ever move home.

4. You don’t have to worry about climate or animals

Another benefit of dog cremation is that there is no risk that your beloved pooch’s burial place could be disturbed by flooding or another dog digging up the ground. 

Families we support at Goodbye Good Boy have told us that having their dog cremated and keeping the ashes in a memorial box or urn removes this concern, particularly if they have other dogs.

5. You have more options with ashes

A dog cremation also allows the flexibility to turn your furry friend’s ashes into keepsakes like jewellery. Alternatively, you may prefer to scatter them someplace special, like at your dog’s favourite park or beach. 

Cremated ashes can also be buried. Some owners like to keep their dog’s ashes so that they may be buried together once they themselves have died.

6. You can create a lasting tribute

A dog cremation allows owners to display their furry friend’s ashes in a decorative urn or keepsake box. Owners take great comfort in creating a loving memorial in a prominent place at home, as a tribute to their faithful companion. 

Keeping a pet’s remains close is also a way to continue the human-animal bond after they have died.

Every dog cremation arranged through Goodbye Good Boy includes personalised memorial options.  We return your pet’s ashes in a timber keepsake box with their name on it (unless you prefer we scattered the ashes for you). 

Our service can also include a paw print and tuft of fur. Our artists will create a digital PAW-trait of your best mate based on a photo of your choosing.

A bonus benefit of a dog cremation with Goodbye Good Boy, is that you get one of these adorable PAW-traits of your pet.
A bonus benefit of a dog cremation with Goodbye Good Boy, is that you get one of these adorable PAW-traits of your pet.

Here's what some of the many dedicated pet owners had to say, after we helped them to memorialise their pets after a Goodbye Good Boy dog cremation:

“My family and I can’t thank you all enough for bringing our fur baby back home along with personal items to provide my family with life-long memories of our girl Diva. - Kimberly 

“My beautiful boy is back home, with beautiful presentation, and many keepsakes of him. Michelle [vet] even made me a silky pouch of his fur, to keep under my pillow.” - Veronica 

“The cremation box was elegantly presented with a beautifully labelled wooden box, scented candle, paw print and satchel of ashes that I requested to put in jewellery… Thank you Goodbye Good Boy for helping me give my beloved pet a fabulous ending and for the gorgeous keepsakes. I adore them.” - Mardie


Mardie has created a memorial tribute to her beloved pup Zippah, featuring the box of cremated ashes and paw print.

And Karen told us the memorialisation of her ‘beautiful boy, Chopper’ made her home feel whole again.

… Goodbye Good Boy took our baby, and turned him into something so beautiful that we can treasure for the rest of our lives. – Karen

Final thoughts about the benefits of dog cremation

When it comes to farewelling a furry friend, deciding on the most suitable arrangement to give your pet a dignified farewell can help you and your family through the grieving process.

The decision is usually a combination of practicality - like cost, yard space and the likelihood of moving house in the future - as well as the personal preference of your pet’s final resting place or what you’d like to do with the cremated ashes.

If you would like some extra support in deciding whether a dog cremation is the best option our caring team at Goodbye Good Boy are here to help. Contact us to learn about our end-of-life service options. 

Give our arrangers a call on 1800 573 186, or visit our blog page for additional resources.

You can also learn more about what’s involved by reading our article Dog Cremation and what to expect, here

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