Dog Cremation and what to expect

Julia Dicconson
Content Manager
April 29, 2023

Saying goodbye to man’s best friend is never easy, especially if your dog has been a special family member for many years. But if you are considering a dog cremation to farewell your beloved pooch, here’s what to expect. 

If you have come to us at Goodbye Good Boy, we promise to support you at every stage of your dog’s end-of-life journey. 

How does dog cremation work?

Every dog cremation arranged through Goodbye Good Boy includes collection from your dog's place of passing, individual cremation and either a return of ashes or our scattering service.

Depending on your wishes, you may choose to have your dog's ashes hand-delivered back to you, or we can have them scattered at our facility in their honour.

Each pet is treated with care and dignity throughout the process. 

Below is the step-by-step process of how we support hundreds of dedicated owners and their pets through cremating their canine companions.

We provide updates at every stage, so you can rest assured that your beloved family member is in good hands.

Step 1: Contact Us

Our arrangers are just a phone call away, at any time of day or night. We are available to take your call 24/7 to co-ordinate details for your dog cremation. 

If your dog is approaching their end-of-life and you decide the most humane thing to do is to have them put to sleep, we can schedule a time to come to your home and administer euthanasia. We will provide resources and support for you and your family in preparation for the day. Your specialist end-of-life veterinarian will ensure the euthanasia is completed with love and dignity. 

If you feel unsure if it’s time to say goodbye to your pet, we'll schedule a quality-of-life assessment with your dedicated end-of-life veterinarian.

Step 2: Transfer into our care

We transfer your pet from their place of passing (usually at home or a vet clinic) and into our care at no extra charge. Other dog cremation services will generally only collect from the vet clinic. That means grieving pet owners will usually have to take their deceased pet to the vet, otherwise they will be charged a fee to collect the animal from the home.

At Goodbye Good Boy, we transfer your pet from their place of passing into our care within four hours. We can collect from any vet clinic or private residence - we are here for you.

Step 3: Individual dog cremation

We provide a respectful, guaranteed individual cremation at a local state-of-the-art facility.

In much the same way as a human cremation, the pet’s body is placed in a cremation chamber – although it is smaller in size. Through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements. This is what becomes cremated remains or what is commonly referred to ‘ashes’.

Step 4: Ashes delivery or scattering

After the dog cremation has been completed, we will arrange to either scatter or return your pet’s ashes home - depending on your wishes. For ashes that are coming home, we will hand-deliver those to you within 6-10 days of the dog cremation. 

Depending on your aftercare wishes, your best friend will return home in a personalised memorial hamper. This usually includes a premium timber memorial box; ink paw print; and digital memorial PAW-trait of your best mate created by our artists, based on a photo of your choosing.

Digital PAW-traits of some of the dog cremations arranged at Goodbye Good Boy.

Step 5: Grief counselling

After the dog cremation, we will continue to make contact with you to ensure that you are comfortable. Our team of specialist animal loss counsellors are also available for one-on-one consults as you prepare for the transition of life without your beloved companion.

With every dog cremation, we provide complimentary one-on-one grief counselling. Our animal loss counsellors specialise in pet grief support for adults and children, to ensure you and your family is supported.

Individual cremation vs group cremation

Depending on your provider, there are two ways a dog cremation will take place – an individual dog cremation, or a group dog cremation. 

Individual cremation

At Goodbye Good Boy, all of the dog cremations at our facilities are individual, so each pet is cremated on their own. That way, you can be sure your dog is cremated by themselves and that the ashes coming home are theirs alone.

We offer individual dog cremations with all of our arrangements regardless if you choose our memorial service (where we hand-deliver your pet’s ashes back home), or a scattering service (where we scatter the ashes at a local park rather than returning your pet’s remains).

Group cremation

On the other hand, group dog cremation is where many animals are cremated together. It is a much cheaper service. Group dog cremations are generally performed at a time most convenient to the crematorium.

Dog cremation cost

The cost of a dog cremation will depend on your provider and any personalised wishes for the perfect farewell. 

At Goodbye Good Boy, we provide home euthanasia services to support loving owners in providing a peaceful passing for their beloved pets.

The team at Goodbye Good Boy offers individualised support to help you and your family navigate this difficult time by providing quality-of-life checks, in-home euthanasia, cremation and aftercare services, and personalised memorialisation options. 

To learn more about our pet end-of-life services, give our team of passionate pet lovers a call on 1800 953 619.

About us

Goodbye Good Boy is Australia’s premier pet end-of-life service. From grief counselling to euthanasia and cremation services, to fitting memorial options, we’re here to help you navigate your pet's end-of-life journey.

Dedicated owners treat their pets as equals in life. Goodbye Good Boy promises the same in death - offering a similar type of send-off you would expect for any other family member.