Cremation & Aftercare Services.

Our cremation services provide pet parents with an aftercare experience that reflects the love and care shown throughout their pet's life.

Aftercare Services To Help You Memorialise Your Best Friend

Our aftercare packages are designed to support you in finding the perfect final resting place. You may choose to bury your best friend at home or alternatively our individual cremation packages can be found below.

*Depending on appointment time and animal weight, some crematoriums may charge a collection fee however this will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

Cremation Only
Transfer of your pet following euthanasia
Cremation with friends
Ashes scattered in the crematorium gardens
Cremation Goodbye
Transfer of your pet following euthanasia
Guaranteed individual cremation
Scatter container or tube
Ashes hand delivered back home
Most Popular
Memorial Service
Transfer of your pet following euthanasia
Guaranteed individual cremation
Hand crafted timber urn
Engraved plaque with pets name and passing date
Ink Paw Print & Lock of fur
Digital memorial portrait 

Your choice of hand crafted timber urn

All urns include an engraved plaque with your pets name and passing date. Specific urn range is dependant on your location and can be viewed when generating a quote.

How It Works



We arrange transfer of your loved one following your euthanasia appointment.


Individual Cremation

Depending on your wishes, we provide a respectful, guaranteed individual cremation from a state of the art local facility.


Grief Counselling

We provide complimentary one-on-one grief counselling with specialist animal loss counsellors. Our counsellors specialise in adults and children to ensure your family is supported.



Depending on your chosen aftercare package, your loved ones ashes will be hand delivered back to you in your personalised memorial box.

Support at every stage of the journey

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