Peaceful dog euthanasia in their loving home.

Mobile vet home euthanasia services to support loving dog owners seeking a peaceful passing in their dogs most warm environment.

Putting my dog to sleep at home

The bond we share with our dogs is built on our responsibility to ensure their quality of life. When a dogs quality of life has declined to a point where a peaceful passing is the most compassionate decision, we can provide the final loving gift of dog euthanasia, in their home, surrounded by family.

"It was a really beautiful way for him to go. It was a gift to him"

"It was something I will never forget."

What is the process for a dog euthanasia at home?

Our dog euthanasia services are deliverd with care and empathy at the forefront of everything we do. We move at the pace you are comfortable to ensure a peaceful passing.


Our mobile
vet arrives

Once the veterinarian arrives, the full dog euthanasia procedure will be explained to you based on your interest and comfort level.


We provide

Unless it's not in your dog's best interest, a sedation injection will be given to ensure they're comfortable. This way, your dog will become sleepy, and then drift off to sleep before the final euthanasia injection.


A Peaceful

Once you are ready, the euthanasia medication will be given and your veterinarian will give you space to be with your dog at this time.


Cremation &

If you have chosen a cremation package, our team may arrange to transport your dog for their aftercare service and their ashes hand delivered home depending on your chosen service.

In Home Dog Euthanasia
Our team of compassionate mobile veterinarians specialise in providing a home dog euthanasia service that reflects the love and care shown throughout your dogs life.
An arranger to guide you through the entire process
Our compassionate veterinarian to attend your home
Avg appointment time 45min - 1hr but moving at the pace you are comfortable
Pre-sedation to ensure the most peaceful passing
Aftercare & cremation packages
Instalment & upfront payment options

Our veterinarians

Helping you and your pet is our passion

Dr Sherif

Dr Sherif has a wealth of experience in general practise and emergency clinics with a passion for the human animal bond. He is passionate supporting pets & their owners on the end of life journey.

Dr Ingrid

Dr Ingrid is a Senior Medical Vet with a passion for the human animal bond. Dr Ingrid and her two dogs Brave and Ernie are also trained members of the Disaster Assistance Response Team for QLD Fire & Rescue.

Dr Courtney

Dr Courtney is an experienced and passionate veterinarian who values home services where she can take the time and space needed to provide a fitting farewell for beloved pets.

The perfect farewell, in their loving home.

Appointments Available 7 Days
No after hours fees or additional charges
Flexible payment options

Questions you might find yourself asking

Why is in-home euthanasia a better option for my pet than a clinic euthanasia?

Saying goodbye to your pet at home has a number of benefits for you and your pet, including:

  • The ability to schedule your pet’s appointment at a time convenient for everyone, including after normal clinic hours, and on short notice
  • Allowing your pet to be in their loving home, where they are relaxed and less anxious
  • Long appointment times allowing our veterinarians to progress at the pace you are comfortable
  • No limit on attendees so you can have as many family members present as you need
  • Flexibility to find the perfect place including outside in your yard
  • The presence of other household pets, which can allow faster healing after the loss of their friend
  • The ability to grieve for your pet in peace

How long does the euthanasia process take?

Once your veterinarian arrives, the full procedure will be explained to you based on your interest and comfort level. The average appointment time for our home euthanasia service is 45min - 1hr. The appointment time will depend on a number of factors including your pet's condition on arrival. Our empathetic vets move at the pace you are comfortable.

Should my children be present for my dogs home euthanasia?

The choice to have children present for your dogs euthanasia appointment will depend on a number of factors including their age, development stage and personality. Some clients choose to have their children present during the appointment, while others may wait until after they have passed to say a final goodbye. This is a very personal decision and we believe there is no right or wrong answer. We have a library of valuable resources to support you on this journey including How to support children with the loss of a pet. 

Should my other pets be present?

One of the benefits of a home euthanasia appointment is the opportunity to have your other pets present. In our experience, we find most pets will benefit from the opportunity to witness their friend pass peacefully; however, it is of course entirely up to you. Remaining pets will go through a grief process for their friend and our resource titled Do pets grieve the loss of another pet? may guide you in understanding this process.

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

Our home euthanasia service operates 7 days per week to support you in planning the perfect farewell. For appointments required within 24-48 hrs, we will make every effort to shuffle other euthanasia appointments and open a space for you. This may limit the times of day we can offer an appointment. For appointments with +48hrs notice, we can generally provide greater flexibility with appointment times and options. We understand this is a difficult time and we aim to be as flexible as possible to arrange an appointment for you to ensure the best outcome and care for your dog.

How will I know if it's the right time to euthanise my dog?

The hardest part of owning a dog is deciding when it’s time to euthanise. The decision can feel gut-wrenching and families may feel that they are causing their best friend’s death. They forget that euthanasia is a gift that, when used appropriately and at the right time, prevents further physical suffering for your dog and emotional suffering for your family. Your regular veterinarian is best positioned to provide guidance on your dog's quality of life and if further medical intervention is appropriate. Our resource library provides extensive and useful content to support you on the end of life journey including How will I know when its time to euthanise my pet?.

Do you offer cremation services?

Absolutely. We have a number of aftercare options including individual cremation packages with your pets ashes hand delivered back home to you or scattered in the crematorium gardens. Our team will discuss these options with you to ensure you find the perfect final resting place. 

Not sure you're ready?

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