Is dog cremation expensive? Dog cremation cost explained

We usually don’t get to choose when our pets enter their end-of-life phase, so it can catch us off-guard both emotionally and financially. But before our canine companion crosses the Rainbow Bridge, it’s helpful to be prepared for the dog cremation cost

The unexpected financial strains of veterinary bills associated with a pet’s end-of-life journey is usually an expensive time for owners. Being financially prepared can help to ease the emotional pressure of losing your furry friend when the time comes.

When a pet is put to sleep, it’s important to expect a bill for medication and euthanasia, on top of general vet fees. Additionally, owners will also need to consider aftercare options and expenses for either a burial or cremation

This article will explain dog cremation cost in Australia, to prepare owners for what to expect. If there is still time, we hope it might help owners to set aside some money now, to ease some of the stress later. 

What is the dog cremation cost?

When it comes time to put your pooch to sleep, you will also be faced with some time-sensitive decisions about aftercare options, on top of your grief

Some owners will either bury their pooch in the backyard or pet cemetery, or make arrangements with the vet. Others will have their dog cremated – either through the vet or directly through a pet end-of-life provider like Goodbye Good Boy. 

The dog cremation cost will depend on a few variables, including: 

  • which vet or provider you choose; 
  • location and transport fees;
  • your dog’s size; 
  • the preferred method - either a group or individual cremation; and
  • your personalisation wishes for your dog’s memorial or keepsake.

Each god cremation at Goodbye Good Boy comes with a digital portrait based on a photo of the owner's choosing.

Dog cremation cost by method

Depending on the provider, a pet cremation will either take place by individual cremation, or group cremation.

Individual cremation

An individual dog cremation is the preferred option for owners who wish to have the ashes returned home, to be kept in an urn or memorial box. 

At Goodbye Good Boy, all of the cremations at our facilities are individual. Each pet is placed into the cremation chamber on their own. That way, owners can be sure that the ashes coming home are their pet’s alone. 

As it takes more resources to cremate each dog individually, this is usually a more expensive option.

At Goodbye Good Boy, the cost of an individual cremation starts at $399. The price includes a hand-crafted timber urn and other memorial keepsakes, as well as collection from your pet’s place of passing (home or vet clinic) and return of ashes. 

Group cremation

A more affordable option is a group cremation. This is where many animals are cremated together, so the ashes are not able to be returned to owners after the dog cremation. 

Group cremations are generally performed at a time most convenient to the crematorium, so owners have less involvement in the process.

In Australia, group pet cremations generally cost around $200. However cremation fees may increase for after-hours collection and if the transport team is coming to a home rather than a vet clinic, among other factors. 

Group cremations are best organised through your vet, who will be able to give you a more accurate dog cremation cost for your location. 

Dog cremation cost by size

Some providers will charge more for bigger dogs because they take longer to cremate, compared with a smaller pup. Consequently, many pet crematories require the breed type and the dog’s weight before they provide a quote for the dog cremation cost.

At Goodbye Good Boy, we don’t have different price points for smaller or larger dogs. However, we do have different prices based on the preferred service option.

You can find out more details on our website or give us a call on 1800 953 619.

Transport fees

The pet crematory may charge an additional fee to pick up the remains from the place of passing – either from your home or the vet's office – and to deliver the ashes home. It’s helpful to discuss if transfer fees are included in the dog cremation cost, so that you can be prepared when the time comes to say goodbye to your good boy (or girl).

Memorialisation options

The dog cremation cost can vary depending on how you choose to memorialise your pet. This is unique to each individual. Some owners might select an elaborate urn or turn their pet’s ashes into a piece of jewellery or some other keepsake like a keyring. Other owners might prefer the ashes don’t even come home at all, and instead scattered on their behalf. 

Memorialisation is a priority for us at Goodbye Good Boy. Depending on your aftercare wishes, your dog’s ashes will return home in a personalised memorial hamper. This usually includes a premium timber memorial box; ink paw print; and digital memorial PAW-trait of your best mate created by our artists, based on a photo of your choosing.

Plan ahead with a pre-paid dog cremation 

Another way to financially prepare for your pet’s end-of-life journey is with a pre-paid pet cremation through Australia’s first pet funeral company, Goodbye Good Boy

Pet owners like yourself now have the option to plan and pre-pay for your most loveable family member’s end-of-life services. Create your pet's end-of-life journey today, then focus on enjoying your time together. 

Pre-paid pet funerals allow owners to choose how they say goodbye ahead of time. You can either pay upfront or in small instalments.

Final thoughts on dog cremation cost

The sad part of dog ownership is knowing that our canine companions have a shorter lifespan than us humans. 

Ultimately, the dog cremation cost will depend on the perfect farewell you choose for your pooch. Consequently, giving your fur-child the memorial they deserve can be costly if you aren’t prepared. But understanding the dog cremation cost in advance can help to make the end-of-life decisions a little easier when the time comes to say goodbye.

As a group of pet lovers ourselves, we understand your pet’s end-of-life journey can be a difficult process and we are here to support you. Our team is here to ensure your farewell is just as you had imagined. 

To get an itemised quote for dog cremation, visit the Goodbye Good Boy website here, or give our compassionate team of animal lovers a call, on 1800 573 619. 

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