A Fitting Farewell For One Of The Family.

Our cremation services provide dedicated owners with an aftercare experience that reflects the love and care shown throughout their pet's life.

A complete service for one of the family

We have curated our cremation service to provide the loving farewell your best friend deserves.

Transfer on demand

Individual transfer from your home or vet clinic within 4 hours.

Personalised service

One point of contact to guide you at all times.

Individual cremation

All pets at our facilities are cremated on their own.

No hidden fees

Our curated service includes everything. No upsells, no extra costs.

Choose your best friend's end-of-life story

Traditional cremation

Pets collected only from a vet
Upsold to memorial products
Owners unaware of pets location following collection
Clinical experience

Goodbye Good Boy

Transfer from your home or vet at no extra cost
A curated service for you
Updates at all times your pet is in our care
Personalised for your best friend
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We have had
the privilege
of supporting dedicated pet owners around Australia

How It Works



We transfer your loved one from their place of passing into our care within 4 hours. We can collect from any veterinary clinic or private residence - we are here for you.


Individual Cremation

We provide a respectful, guaranteed individual cremation from a state of the art local facility.


Grief Counselling

We provide complimentary one-on-one grief counselling with specialist animal loss counsellors. Our counsellors specialise in adult and children to ensure your family is supported.



Depending on your aftercare wishes, our team will hand-deliver your loved ones ashes back to you in our personalised memorial box.

We made payment easy, so you can focus on your best friend

We know this can be a stressful time, so we are here to support you.

Scatter service

A respectful individual cremation with ashes scattered in fields

From: $336 inc GST

  • Dedicated end-of-life arranger
  • Transfer of your pet from their place of passing into our care
  • Dignified individual cremation
  • Ashes scattered in fields
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Memorial service

A respectful individual cremation with ashes returned to you.

From: $440 inc GST

  • All scatter services plus ...
  • Ashes presented in personalised memorial hamper
  • Digital portrait of your beloved pet
  • Ashes hand-delivered to you
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Support at every stage of the journey

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For owners who believe
their best friend deserves better

We consider our pets to be part of the family, so why don't we treat them that way when they pass?

We built Goodbye Good Boy to support loving owners with a pet cremation service befitting one of the family.

We are with you at every step of the journey and our holistic service includes a dedicated point of contact, daily collection, personalised memorial box, hand delivery and complimentary grief counselling.

You can pre-pay for your best friend's end-of-life journey and focus on enjoying your time together.

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