9 pet memorial ideas to create a FUR-ever memory

Julia Dicconson
Content Manager
August 30, 2021

We put together this list of some heart-warming pet keepsake ideas and memorial activities to do with your fur child before they pass. Most of these pet memorial ideas should work well enough with a dog, cat, or rabbit.

Not only will these activities give you a chance to bond with your little mate in their final days, but they can help you create some lovely keepsakes to memorialise your animal companion FUR-ever.

1. Paint paw print flowers

Use your pet’s paw print to make some pretty flower art.

All you need to do is dip their paw in coloured paint and stamp it onto a piece of paper. Once the paint is dry, grab a small brush and turn their paw prints into flowers.

Just make sure you rinse their paw thoroughly after painting, otherwise you’ll end up with coloured paw prints all through the house. It’s surely not the kind of mark you’d like them to leave.

pet memorial idea: paw print painting

For the more adventurous, you can even turn the masterpiece into a memorial tattoo as a permanent tribute to your fur baby

2. Become friends FUR-ever

A crafty variation of the paw print pet memorial is to include your own handprint in the artwork.

It’s really simple to create a painting with your pet‘s paw print inside your palm print.

First, cover your hand in a light colour of paint (light pink or gold can work well) and stamp it onto a canvas or sheet of paper, then let it dry.

Once the paint is dry, you can paint your pet’s paw black and stamp it over the top of your handprint.

The result should look like you're holding hands.

3. Craft paw print ornaments

Another pet memorial idea is to make life-long paw print impressions with homemade dough, and turn them into hanging ornaments. They can even be painted with any colour and customised with a ribbon.

The keepsakes make gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments, but they can be displayed any day of the year. Just hang them high enough out of your pet’s reach, as the ingredients can be toxic to animals.

The recipe can be found here, at craftymorning.com.

pet memorial idea: Artistic Dog Challenge peanut butter painting

4. Make a peanut butter painting

This pet memorial idea is a great one to help your pooch channel their inner Picasso.

Owners have been pleasantly surprised with the result of their dogs’ attempts in the #artisticdogchellenge.

To do this safely, dab or squeeze different coloured paint blobs onto a small canvas, then cover it with a few layers of cling wrap (or a large zip-lock bag can be extra sturdy) so that the paint is sealed beneath the plastic layer.

Next, smear peanut butter over the plastic and watch your pup get licking to transform the paint into a masterpiece.

Once they’re done, lift the plastic off the canvas and let it dry. Just be sure to cut the ends of the plastic and lift it up, rather than slide it across, otherwise you’ll smudge your pet’s work of art.  

5. Get matching PAW-dicures

Include your pet in your next pamper day by giving them a matching PAW-dicure.

Always make sure you use a non-toxic and pet-safe brand of polish.

Take lots of pictures of your twinning looks at your favourite place.

6. Throw a PAW-ty

Treat any day like it’s your pet's birthday and throw them a PAW-ty with your friends and family. Or if they feel up to it, you can also invite your pet’ best play pals.

And what is a party without a cake? Bake a pet-friendly cake and for the PAW-fect cake smash photo opportunity. Let them make a mess and enjoy their treat – they deserve it, after all!

Our arranger Caitlin has shared this dog cake recipe and says it's her pup’s favourite.

For an extra treat, you can also create a special pet charcuterie board for the furry guests, and a matching one for the human guests.

pet memorial idea: paw print ornament

7. Go on a pet shop pick & mix

A social media trend that’s been catching on is taking pups to the pet shop and buying them everything they touch. That way you’re letting them pick out their own treats, or a new toy to play with.

These shopping trips look pretty cute recorded and shared on social media, so give it a try.

Just be sure to set a time limit or budget, otherwise you might be in for more than you bargained for particularly if you have an easily excitable pooch.

To finish off their big day out on the town, you might even like to stop at your local cafe for a puppacino, on your way home.

8. Bucket list jar

If your pet is in their final stage of life, help them enjoy their favourite things for possibly the last time.

Just as humans often do, make a bucket list for your best mate. Write down their favourite things to do on individual pieces of paper, then put them in a jar and give it a shake.

Each day, pull out a new activity to do together and help them tick it off the bucket list. Take a photo at the end of each day together and write down what they did, to create a scrapbook (either physically or digitally).

9. Keepsake jewellery

Create keepsake jewellery with a lock of fur from your dog, cat, or rabbit, using these little DIY charm bottles from Spotlight stores.

Alternatively, you can also wait until after your pet has been put to sleep and create memorial jewellery from their cremated ashes. There are a number of places that make memorial keepsakes with ashes.

Final thoughts on creating a pet memorial

We hope this article on pet memorials has given you some incredible ideas for ways to spend the last few days with your beloved pet, while also creating lasting keepsakes to honour their memory.

As part of our service at Goodbye Good Boy, each arrangement comes with personalised memorialisation options. We return your pet’s ashes in a timber keepsake box with their name on it (unless you prefer we scattered the ashes for you). And if you are happy for us to do so, we will also include your pet’s paw print and tuft of fur. To complete our keepsake service, our artists will also create a digital PAW-trait of your best mate, based on a photo of your choosing.

When it comes to saying goodbye to your good boy or girl, giving your pet a dignified farewell can help you and your family through the grieving process. Call our caring team at Goodbye Good Boy to learn about our end-of-life service options, on 1800 573 186, or visit our website for more information.

If you think your pet may be approaching their end of life, you might find it helpful to read our article How to know when it’s time to say goodbye to a pet.

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