6 tips to keep your dog calm during fireworks

Julia Dicconson
Content Manager
December 24, 2021

It’s common for dogs and other animals to get freaked out by fireworks. Pounds report an increase in runaway pets after fireworks events, like on New Year’s Eve, according to the RSPCA. But planning ahead can help to keep your dog calm during fireworks.


Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

A dog has super hearing! They can hear 10 times better than an average human, so loud noises can be startling for our four-legged companions. They don’t understand that those deafening explosions and bursts of light in the sky mark celebration – not the end of days.


Why is it important to keep your dog calm during fireworks?

If animals are left unattended during fireworks, they risk injuring themselves in their desperation to try and escape the noise by running away.

Some dogs can hurt themselves trying to break from leads, tear through screen doors, or jump or dig under fences. Pets also risk being hit by cars while running across busy roads.


6 tips to keep your dog calm during fireworks

We’ve put together the following six tips to help keep your dog calm during fireworks celebrations:


1. Don’t take your dog to see the fireworks

If you’re attending a public fireworks event, don’t take your dog with you. Crowds and loud noises can be startling and upsetting for your canine companion. Keep your dog at home.


2. Stay home with your dog during fireworks

Never leave your dog alone outside during fireworks. Where possible, keep your dog and any other pets inside, safely at home. Never tether your dog to a chain or lead during fireworks, as they can choke themselves trying to break free.

If you can, stay home with your dog, or invite your friends over to bring in the new year at your place. That way, you can keep an eye on your pooch and comfort them if they get scared – and still enjoy the party.


3. Close windows and blinds

Frightened dogs may try to jump through windows to try and escape. So keeping windows, blinds and curtains closed during fireworks events can remove the temptation.

It can also help to create a comfortable hiding place inside for your dog to retreat to during the chaos. This can be as simple as a large cardboard box with blankets inside.


4. Drown out the noise

If you’re leaving pets at home, drowning out the noise with other sounds can help to keep your dog calm during fireworks. Play some classical music or search YouTube for “ASMR for dogs” for an abundance of calming music especially for pooches.

Turning on the TV can also work to drown out the outside noise.


5. Ensure they are wearing a collar

Even if your dog is usually an indoor pet, it’s helpful that they wear a collar and ID tag. Just in case your dog happens to run off in a fireworks frenzy, whoever finds them will be able to contact you if your phone number is on their ID tag.

Microchipping your dog is also important regardless of any fireworks runaways. If your pet becomes lost, a microchip enables them to be found and returned home more easily. Ensure that the chip is updated with your current contact information.


6. Take them for a walk

Another simple solution to keeping your dog calm during the fireworks is to take them for some exercise earlier in the day. Then, a few hours later, give them a good meal. A tired dog with a full belly has a better chance of feeling calmer during the night.


Final thoughts on keeping your dog safe during fireworks

Planning ahead is crucial to keep your dog calm during fireworks. Factoring your dogs and other animals into your New Year’s Eve plans can help your pets to feel safe and secure despite the commotion.

If your pet does run away and become lost during the chaos, contact your local animal control and shelters. Local Facebook groups are also a handy place to report lost and found dogs in the neighbourhood, too.



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