Does pet insurance cover euthanasia?

Julia Dicconson
Content Manager
May 18, 2023

As a pet owner, one of the toughest decisions you may have to make is whether to euthanise your beloved companion. This decision is often accompanied by emotional turmoil, but it is necessary when your pet is suffering from a terminal illness or a condition that causes unbearable pain. 

In addition to the emotional and ethical considerations of euthanasia, there are also financial aspects to consider. You may be wondering if your pet insurance will cover euthanasia. In this article, we will explore whether pet insurance covers euthanasia, what factors to consider, and the different options available.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance has become increasingly popular over the years, as more and more pet owners recognise the benefits of having their pets covered in case of accidents, injuries, or illnesses. While pet insurance can provide peace of mind, it is important to understand what is covered by your policy, especially when it comes to end-of-life care.

The price of pet insurance is affected by the chosen excess fee, the age of your pet, their breed, and any pre-existing conditions. Note that if you take out cover after a condition has been diagnosed, often insurers will not cover this condition.

Is pet euthanasia covered by pet insurance?

The answer to this question depends on the pet insurance policy you have. Some pet insurance policies cover euthanasia as part of their end-of-life care coverage, while others do not. It is essential to read your policy carefully and understand what is covered and what is not.

Often policies will cover “essential euthanasia”, which is when a veterinarian deems euthanasia as an essential and humane decision for your pet as a result of a condition covered under your policy. 

Factors to consider when choosing pet insurance.

When selecting a pet insurance policy, several factors should be considered, such as:

  • Monthly premiums
  • Annual deductibles
  • Coverage limits
  • Co-payment percentages
  • Waiting periods
  • Pre-existing conditions

These factors can affect the cost and the scope of the coverage of the policy, including end-of-life care.

Different types of pet insurance policies.

There are a few primary types of pet insurance policies:

  • Accident-only policies: These policies cover only accidental injuries and not illnesses or diseases.
  • Accident and illness policies: These cover both accidental injuries, illness and disease.
  • Optional cover: You may be able to add on extra coverage for routine care expenses, including check ups, dental care, vaccinations, behavioural training and more.
  • Comprehensive policies: These policies provide coverage for the pet's entire life and may include coverage for end-of-life care, including euthanasia.

Understanding pet insurance coverage for euthanasia.

If your pet insurance policy covers end-of-life care, it may cover the cost of euthanasia. However, the coverage may be limited, and there may be exclusions, such as not covering the cost of cremation or burial. Some policies may only cover euthanasia if it is deemed medically necessary, while others may cover it as part of their routine wellness care. It is essential to read your policy carefully and understand what is covered and what is not.

When euthanasia is covered by pet insurance, your insurer will require you to provide the medical notes from the euthanasia procedure to accompany your claim. At Goodbye Good Boy, we provide you with a euthanasia confirmation report that provides everything you need to claim on your insurance, making this difficult process just a little easier.

Your insurer will ask for a copy of the receipt or invoice for the service. It is important that the euthanasia and any cremation or aftercare are itemised separately on the receipt, as this will enable the insurer to process the appropriate payments from your cover.  

Alternatives to pet insurance for covering euthanasia costs.

If your pet insurance policy does not cover euthanasia, there are alternative options available to cover the cost:

  • Payment plans: Many veterinary clinics offer payment plans to pet owners who cannot afford to pay for euthanasia upfront. Goodbye Good Boy offers instalment payments via ZipPay.
  • Charitable organisations: There are several charitable organisations that offer financial assistance to pet owners who need help covering the cost of euthanasia.
  • Personal savings: Setting aside money for end-of-life care expenses can provide a safety net when the time comes.
  • Pet memorial funds: Some pet owners choose to set up a memorial fund in their pet's honour to help other pet owners in need.

Finding the right euthanasia service for your pet.

At Goodbye Good Boy, we provide home euthanasia services to support loving owners in providing a peaceful passing for their beloved pets, for an accessible price. Farewelling your pet in a safe and comfortable environment shouldn’t put you and your family in financial stress.

The team at Goodbye Good Boy offers individualised support to help you and your family navigate this difficult time by providing quality-of-life checks, in-home euthanasia, cremation and aftercare services, and personalised memorialisation options. 

To learn more about our pet end-of-life services, give our team of passionate pet lovers a call on 1800 953 619.