Can you put your dog or cat down at home? 

Julia Dicconson
Content Manager
December 17, 2021

As Dorothy and her beloved Toto taught us, there is no place like home. If your furry companion is approaching their final days, you may be wondering if it is possible to put your dog or cat down at home

Every pet’s end of life should be a peaceful journey, so mobile vets are available to put your dog or cat down at home, in their most familiar surroundings, rather than at the vet clinic. 

At-home pet euthanasia is a service we specialise in at Goodbye Good Boy, where a mobile vet visits your home to put your dog or cat to sleep.

Knowing that your pet was comfortable and in their most loving environment until the end can give owners the reassurance that their pet crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully.

Below are six reasons why you should put your dog or cat down at home.

Reasons why you should put your dog or cat down at home

  1. Vet visits can be stressful experiences for many pets. On the other hand, putting a dog or cat down at home can ensure your best mate has a peaceful passing in their most familiar and comfortable environment.
  1. At-home euthanasia allows owners to snuggle their dog or cat for the last time and have them pass away in their arms or on their lap. Some owners prefer to have their pet put to sleep on their bed, under a tree, or any place they loved in the yard instead.
  1. There is more flexibility with appointment times. A scheduled appointment can be made for when it is more convenient and it also allows time to emotionally prepare to say goodbye. At Goodbye Good Boy, we know it is important for families to be together to support one another when their pet passes, and this is often after work or school when everyone is home. That’s why we don’t charge after-hours fees for at-home euthanasia. 
  2. Putting a dog or cat to sleep at home also allows other pets to be in the room, so they can understand the end-of-life process rather than be left searching for their brother or sister.
  3. Euthanasia at home also eliminates the difficulty of getting your dog or cat into the car. This can be particularly stressful if your pet has developed mobility issues or if they are in pain.
  4. After putting a dog or cat down at home, owners don’t need to drive from the vet clinic while they are upset and grieving. Instead, they can be left to grieve privately.

How to put a pet down at home 

At-home euthanasia is a service we can provide at Goodbye Good Boy. All you need to do is give our friendly arrangers a call on 1800 953 619 or fill out your details online.

Our team of passionate animal lovers will walk you through the process over the phone to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you and your pet.

When you are ready, our mobile vet will arrive to put your dog or cat down at home.

At the at-home euthanasia appointment, our specialist end-of-life vet will honour your wishes to put your fur child to sleep in the perfect place. That might be on your lap, under a tree, or at their favourite spot in the yard.

Each step of the dog euthanasia process will be performed with love and dignity, at your pace. You can read more about what’s involved in our article What happens at a home pet euthanasia appointment?

Final thoughts on putting your dog or cat down at home

If your pet is nearing their end of life, euthanasia is a loving gift to prevent them from suffering in their final days. It can be administered either at home or at a vet clinic.

While putting your pet to sleep in their most comfortable and loving environment has many benefits, it is important to note that putting a dog or cat down at home can be beneficial only if it is not an emergency situation.

If your pet is already at the vet or animal hospital and critically ill, for example if your dog is experiencing heart failure and needs oxygen, removing your cat or dog might add an unnecessary level of stress.

If your pet is experiencing their end-of-life journey and you are weighing up between putting down your dog or cat at home or at the vet clinic, make the choice that feels right by your pet. Consider their personality, condition and their current location.

The best place for your dog or cat’s most peaceful passing will be wherever you and your pet feel most comfortable.

To learn more about the euthanasia process, read our article Putting a dog down: 6 things to consider.

At Goodbye Good Boy, we provide home euthanasia services to support loving owners in providing a peaceful passing for their beloved pets.

The team at Goodbye Good Boy offers individualised support to help you and your family navigate this difficult time by providing quality-of-life checks, in-home euthanasia, cremation and aftercare services, and personalised memorialisation options. 

To learn more about our pet end-of-life services, give our team of passionate pet lovers a call on 1800 953 619.